Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Parade

We have had such a great time this Easter! 

We made an Easter bonnet for the K-3 Easter Parade,

and then got to watch as each precious one parade around the classroom

Sophie had such a good time waving to all of the K-4 students

and friends and family, as she and the others made their way to their seats.

The class then sang several traditional Easter songs for us.

We heard "Here Comes Peter Cottontail", "Little Bunny Foo Foo",
"3 Little Ducks", and "Baby Bumblebee".

I charged my video camera (or so I thought), but when I got ready to use it,
it would work.  Figures, right?  Well, thanks to the old handy dandy iPhone,
we were able to record it anyway.  The sound drops out in one place, but if you have time
and want to listen to the whole thing, be patient, the sound does come back before the end.

We hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

P.S.  Sophie made the front page of the Monroe Journal in her Easter bonnet,
along with friends Molly and John Hunter!

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