Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Wagon Train's A Comin'

For about 3 years now, the wagon train has been coming to town. This is the second year we have been able to see them, and the first to get to take pictures. Last year, there were about 3 wagons and just a few people. This year....well, it has grown to about 6 or 7 wagons with about 30 men and boys. The ride takes them about 97 miles, and they try to make 20 miles a day. Every year, they camp in the pecan orchard at my grandmother's house. Mr. Joel Cobb(in the above picture - on left in first wagon), from Pine Apple, started this ride, and you can tell he loves doing it. Enjoy a few pictures of the wagon train.

A new fangled wagon

Pulling up the rear

Almost there

Unhooking the horses for the day

Setting up camp

Worn out from a long, hot day on the trail