Sunday, February 26, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Fun with the Rigbys

The first get together we had at Christmas was with Lee, Regina, and family in Millbrook.  There house is alive with activity these days, and it is so much fun to see two little miracles running about.  They are all precious, indeed!  We never did get one picture with everyone in it, but there is always next year!   

The second get together of the season was with Michael, Jessica, and Merrill.  We opted for a mid-morning visit, which worked out great!  Everyone was refreshed from a good night's sleep, and Merrill and Sophie had lots of energy to play dress-up while we all visited.  As a matter of fact,  we were so busy talking that I forgot to take many pictures.  I'm a bit embarrassed, but given the happenings of the weeks before, I should be glad I have any at all!  I will try to do better next Christmas!

Calendars were so full, as is not unusual in December, we celebrated the holiday with Tim, Michele, and family on the Monday after Christmas.  Things were winding down and a bit more relaxed by this time, so my memory and camera were beginning to work better.  Sophie and Anna Kay both loved their Baby Alives, and Nick quickly went to work on the Lego boat and truck that we gave him.  He had it almost completely done by the time we left that afternoon.  He is one smart little guy!  Again, I have to apologize that I have no pictures of Mack, the newest addition of the Rigby family, and little brother to Nick and Anna Kay.  I'm sure he could care less, but I am disappointed that I do not have picture from his First Christmas.  I guess I will have to scan the picture from their Christmas card and post it here. 

Mack, Bebe is not always this scatterbrained!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Fairhope Christmas Parade

Christmas was a total blur this past year, but I will try to piece it together as best as I can. To kick off the 2011 Christmas season, we decided to go to the Fairhope Christmas Parade. Downtown Fairhope is beautiful on a daily basis, but it is especially pretty during the holidays. We met Tim, Michele, and the kids, as well as Michael, Jessica, Merrill, and Brenda. The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time catching candy, beads, and toys and watching the bands and floats pass.

Having fun!

Throw me some candy!