Friday, March 30, 2012

A Portrait of Mama

A couple of weeks ago, Sophie came home from school with a picture of a shamrock that she had colored.  On the side she had drawn a stick figure of sorts (she has been drawing more smiley faces and things lately).  I asked what it was, and she exclaimed, "That's you, Mama!".  How precious is that!  I am SO proud of it!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Gingerbread House

On Christmas Eve, Emily (Sophie and Amy call her Lou Lou), Amy, and Sophie assembled and decorated a gingerbread house.  Lou Lou and Amy were very patient with Sophie and let her do most of the decorating.  It was so sweet to watch, and if I haven't told y'all, Sophie LOVES to help me cook, so this was right up her alley! 

The gingerbread house stayed at Nana and Pawpaw's house until just recently.  Pawpaw said that he slowly disassembled the house by eating the candy treats from it.  He finally through it out, only to find it buried all over the yard by Speck, their dalmation.  He is very protective of his food and tends to bury it very quickly before the other dogs, Dixie and Chucky, have a chance at it.  Sort of reminds me of this Traveler's insurance commercial.  Pawpaw said that Speck woke him from a peaceful night's sleep to go check on his buried treasure, only to find that his nightmare had come true.  Dixie and Chucky must have been watching!