Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sophie Starts 3K!

I can't believe that I am writing this....

Sophie started 3K at Monroe Academy, my alma mater, on August 11.  She is officially a Volunteer. 

She has the cheerleader uniform to prove it!

I wanted to get some pictures of Sophie before we left home, but lately we have been into making some really silly faces when Mama is trying to take pictures,  

 so we started out like this....

then we got the really big grin....
and I'm not sure exactly what you would call this,

but we finally were able to get a decent picture. 
Believe me, the angelic look is very misleading.  Ha!  Kidding...
She is very sweet, but very mischevious!

Sophie has been really been excited about going to her "new school", as she calls it, and we are so glad!  We had no problems getting her ready to go.  I, on the other hand, got more and more nervous the closer the time came for us to leave home.  I kept telling myself all the way there that I couldn't cry, because if I got upset, then she would get upset.  I just about lost it as we were turning into the parking lot, but I held it together.  I told Sophie to look at all of the cars and kids.  She exclaimed, "Wow!  My new school!"  We walked in, and I could tell she was a little apprehensive, but we saw a couple of friends from daycare and found something to play with, and off we went!  She LOVES it!  We are so happy!

Lily, Sophie, and Molly (her daycare buds)

When I ask her what she did at school, she tells me all about playing outside on the playground.  She tells me that she has to wait her turn to ride the merry-go-round or the see-saw, and she loves to swing.  Mrs.Cindy, Sophie's teacher, found out very quickly how much she LOVES to play outside.  This child would live outside if you would let her!  I hope she will begin to like school work as much as she does playing outside.  If she doesn't, we may be in BIG trouble!

Summer Wind Down

I know... 

I am so far behind posting on the blog.  I tried to stay caught up, but we've just been having so much fun enjoying life that the blog took a backseat to everything else.  We have enjoyed several trips to the beach, time at the pool, and playing at home.  Sophie loves playing in the sand and water at the beach and the pool.  At the beginning of the summer, Sophie was a little afraid of the water, but now, she's doing much better.  She is still not too keen on going underwater, but every time we go, she gets better and better.

We made a trip to Birmingham for Sophie's one year check-up at the International Adoption Clinic.  The wonderful staff there told us that she is doing great and not to come back until Sophie gets ready to start kindergarten.  We were SO pleased by this!  We thought she was doing great, but it's music to the ears to hear it from the professionals!  While we were in Birmingham, we got to see our friends Rhonda and Hannah Grace.  We met for lunch, and sweet little Hannah Grace asked us to come along for dessert at the yogurt shop.  We were so glad she did!  We LOVE yogurt (especially Baba)!!

Sophie has been so excited about going to her "new school".  She is going to attend 3K at Monroe Academy, my alma mater.  She received a letter in the mail from her teacher telling her how excited she was the Sophie was in her class.  Sophie loves to get mail, so this was extra special!

We hope that everyone had a great summer!