Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Parties and Beach Trips

Our grandson, Nicholas, turned 3 years old on May 6. Wow, how fast time flies. It only seems like yesterday that we were all at the hospital, waiting his arrival. This past Saturday was Nicholas's birthday party. The weather was beautiful and the party was a ton of fun. The kids really enjoyed splashing around the splash pad. They had so much fun, it was difficult to get a picture of Nicholas or Tyler not running. Enjoy the pics below.

Nicholas blowing out the candles on his cake

Boy, this cake is sooo good

Nicholas and Tyler playing in the bubbles

Watch me run!

Pawpaw and Anna Kay ~Isn't she precious!

Tyler and Brianne taking a break

This is so much fun!

So many gifts to open

After the birthday party, we headed to the beach with Lee, Regina, Tyler, and Brianne. Tyler had never ridden in Granddaddy's boat and was so excited about it. We went out to the island and played in the sand. We had a great time, but the jellyfish were already out, which kept us from playing in the water. It's unusual for them to be out this early. It's usually the 4th of July when we start seeing them. Oh, well. Maybe they will go away as quickly as they came.

Brianne sporting her new swim ensemble

Tyler in his new shades
Regina playing her new game - Jellyfish Toss

Playing in the sand

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

We want to wish each and every mother, and soon to be mother, a Happy Mother's Day!! For Mother's Day this year, I got the sweetest gift from two of our grandchildren. Tyler and Brianne gave me two stepping stones, one for each of them, that they made themselves. Tyler's has his hand prints, name, and year on it, while Brianne's has her foot prints, name and year. Brianne didn't want to put her hands in the cement. She's such a girly girl. Tyler and Brianne, Bebe loves her Mother's Day gift so much! Thank you!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

T-Ball Day!

Today we spent the day with Lee, Regina, Tyler, and Brianne watching Tyler play T-ball. This age is so much fun to watch because they have no care in the world. Tyler hit the ball twice and caught the ball when it came to him. Way to go Tyler!!

Brianne also had fun climbing the bleachers, her daddy, and granddaddy during Tyler's game.