Sunday, October 23, 2011

On Our Way

Hi, everyone!  I wanted to give a quick update to all of you who still follow along on our blog.  Sophie is doing great since her surgery at the end of September.  She has healed beautifully and is now back to her sweet little self.  She stayed out of school a week while the drains were in, but she was so excited to get rid of the them and back to school to all of her friends, playtime, and lots of popsicles! 

Speaking of popsicles, they have to be Sophie's all time favorite food at the moment.  She asks for them All. Of. The. Time.  Of course, she is not allowed to have them whenever she wants, but we try to oblige as much as possible.  Popsicles helped get Sophie motivated to wake up and out of the hospital after her surgery.  The nurses were great to bring as many to her as she wanted, which showed us she could eat and everything was working as it should so that we could be released to go back to the hotel for a little R&R (rest and recovery). 

While Sophie was waiting to go to surgery, the wonderful staff at the hospital gave Sophie the sweet little puppy, Cooper (which also happens to be the name of one of her best buds from school), you see below.  It was love and first sight!  Cooper got to go to surgery with Sophie, and everything.  They have been just about inseperable since. 

We are two fills into this round of expansion, and everything is going well. I was worried about doing our first fill at home, since it had been several months since we last did one. Everything went well, and Sophie is now sporting 160ccs in her back expanders and 120 in her belly.  The pics below were taken before we did her first fill at home.  Each back expander has 120 ccs and the belly has 80.  As you can see, she is already expanding quite a bit, so we can only imagine what November and early December will bring us.  We are praying for lots of healthy skin!  Thanks for checking in with us, and stay tuned for more updates!